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6 Reasons Why Digital Transformation Efforts Often Fail

Digital transformation is not a transactional event, and is much broader than purchasing a new CRM, or redesigning an app. It’s a continuous optimization of processes – internal and external – that improve the performance of your core business services through technology. Understanding this is the first step towards successfully transforming your business in the […]

5 Things Hindering Your Digital Customer Experience

No matter where your business is on the digital maturity scale, building, implementing and optimizing a successful digital customer experience is challenging. It takes significant organizational commitment, planning, time and resources, and requires a steady hand in governance that is difficult to cultivate. Yet working towards building a seamless DCX should be priority 1 for […]

4 Tips for Scribing a Good Digital Strategy RFP

Look, unless you’re a BA, procurement officer or masochist, putting RFPs together isn’t a lot of fun. However, the fate of a project’s overall success can truly be swayed one way or the other based on a company’s ability to effectively articulate its needs. Below are 4 tips that extend past the standard stuff in […]