At Viscid, our ultimate goal is delivering and enhancing meaningful digital experiences. From strategy to execution and enhancement, we’re relentless in our pursuit of better audience engagement.


Viscid is amidst a multi-year, recurring digital experience optimization program focused on enhancing a number of Professional Health-related digital properties. To kickstart this campaign, we’ve conducted significant audience research, lead a comprehensive ecosystem audit and developed a prioritized roadmap based on true audience insights to govern production activities.

Through this process, Viscid has provided a full-spectrum of services, including:
 user testing & audience research, experience definition & design, content experience optimization, SEO strategy. 

brand & comm

Marriott International
Viscid was tasked with helping a multi-continental learning delivery organization within Marriott to gain a better understanding of its diverse audiences, and to help it more effectively communicate with them through digital channels.

Through comprehensive direct audience engagement, we successfully captured both qualitative and quantitative insights that not only defined audience types, content needs, behaviors and preferences, but also further refined understanding around the organization's current overall brand standing and positioning. Through these activities, we produced key audience Personas paired with a multichannel communication plan, ensuring the right content was being delivered to the right people at the right time.

experience design

MBO Partners
Creating a digital experience that successfully promotes 2 distinct core service offerings directed toward 2 distinct audience types, that also effectively promotes the overall holistic benefits the broader service offering, is always a challenge. That being said, we're quite keen on solving complex UX problems.

Through comprehensive experience definition, we first familiarized ourselves with the organization's diverse group of audiences, how they are segmented, their content needs and digital engagement behaviors. We used these findings to inform our content and experience mapping - moving from experience flows, to lo/hi fidelity design prototyping, to brand integration, to ultimately producing a balanced design experience that resonates with all key audiences.



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